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Tattoolisting is a worldwide Tattoo directory for Tattoo artists, studios, events, models & more….It’s totally free !

All you need to use Tattoolisting is an internet connection and PC or mobile phone. Join us here! Once you’re in, you’re welcome to find and follow the artists and shops whose work interests you. We’ll recommend some great artists to follow once you’re signed up. If you’re an artist, it’s best if you have your best tattoos ready to upload to your portfolio to share to our Tattoo lovers community

When you create an account and log in to the website, you can search for artists, shops or other website users by their name or username. 

Uploading and sharing images on Tattoolisting is really easy! To upload the picture go onto your profile and click the camera icon. There you have two options: either choose from the pictures you took earlier in the Library or take a new picture in camera mode 

We are located in some of the best cities around the world! Our current office locations are in Paris, France.